A warm hot spring, rich nature and of many kinds of
fresh dainties make you happy.
This hotel stands in Ibusuki City in Kagoshima Prefecture located at the southernmost tip of mainland Japan.
Kagoshima is called 'Eastern Naples' and it is a worldfamous tourist resort which is famous for the imposing appearance of the active volcano 'Sakurajima' rising up at sea.
Kagoshima has a mild climate, and is blessed with many kinds of dainties.
There are hot springs with rich quantity of hot water here and there within the prefecture.
Especially, Ibusuki is famous as Sand-Bath Hotspring Resort ,and has welcomed many tourists in all seasons since old days.
This hotel has also been loved by many travelers as a peaceful hotel representing Ibusuki since the establishment in 1960.
Please pay a visit to this hotel by all means.
We all the staff are looking forward to the day we greet you.

Please inform any opinion or demand to the following.
〒891-0402 1912 Hamahata Ju-cho Ibusuki-city Kagoshima
Ibusuki Seaside Hotel
TEL 0993-23-3111
FAX 0993-22-4231
e-mail info@ibusuki-seaside.co.jp

Drawing room ・Special room---suite
・European-style room---Twin-bedded room
・Japanese-style room---For 2 〜 4 guests
・Japanese-style room---For 5 〜 6 guests
Discount plan By lot, 10 persons can use
a suite with special dishes at a cheap charge.

In the case of 2 guests, the charge is \ 25,000 yen / guest.
In the case of 3 guests, the charge is \ 20,000 yen / guest.
In the case of 4 guests, the charge is \ 17,000 yen / guest.
In the case of 5 or 6 guests, the charge is \ 15,000 yen / guest.

Application: Please apply from the opinion box in the HP(Deadline is 20th every month).
Except season terms(beginning and end of the year, Golden Week).

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